Volunteer Opportunities

  • Tutor
    • Tutor in a specific subject, one-on-one, or in a classroom setting
  • Mentor
    • Mentor with African American Male Intiative
    • Mentor with 21st Century Scholars
  • Senior Project Mentor
    • 10 Hrs per semester to help a senior complete their English Research Project
  • Career "Coach" & Volunteer
    • Serve as a career coach for our school-to-career transition program
  • Classroom Assistant
    • Make the classroom more manageable by providing teacher support
  • Test Proctor
  • Service Provider

Volunteer Faq

  • Go ahead and fill out the volunteer interest form located on your right
  • There is a required length of time to become an African American Male Intiative Mentor Volunteer
  • You will receive an email that confirms we received your volunteer interest form. This email will also provide you with a link to Guilford County Schools Volunteer Application. Once this application is completed and background check is processed we will be notified.
  • In the meantime, if you want to get ahead, click this link to go to Guilford County Schools Volunteer Application.
  • Volunteer Interest Form

    Why do you want to volunteer with CISGG? What strengths do you bring as a volunteer?

    A criminal background check is required in order to become a CISGG volunteer. Are you willing to submit to a criminal background check?

    Elementary School Middle School High School

    Senior Project Mentor
    Career "Coach" & Volunteer
    Classroom Assistant
    Test Proctor
    Service Provider

    Please indicate what days and times youre available during the week:
    (Please note: Most of our volunteer opportunities occur during the school day (7:30-3:50), but occasionally there may be evening opportunities).

    Morning Midday AfternoonEvening

    In what area of Greensboro do you prefer to volunteer?:
    North East South West No preference

    How did you hear about CISGG?
    Found on internet
    Social Media
    CISGG Employee
    Company or organization