Helping Students in Transition

Shemetrius Moore

March 2017

Homelessness affecting students in Guilford County.

Shemetrius Moore was first introduced to Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro® in elementary school. She was one of many students who did not have a stable home and was very transient. She was a student in transition. She often did not have anywhere to stay or stayed with friends and relatives outside of her immediate family. She went to Dudley and Smith High School.

Shemetrius says that a lot was happening beyond her control. She did not get to enjoy being a teen, she felt the weight of the world. Her mother wasn't available to her, a lot of that disappointment she preferred not to discuss. She says that many things brought her down, especially the constant need for more stability. Shemetrius says that her chaotic upbringing hurt her emotionally and she wanted better than what was going on in her home. She explains that she had to stop worrying about these outside factors because knew she had to maintain a positive attitude in order to stay focused on succeeding.

When Shemetrius was at Smith High School, her desire to persevere led her to meeting Mrs. McMillan. Mrs. McMillan provided a safe place where Shemetrius was finally able to confide in someone without fear of being judged and she felt comfortable opening up to Mrs. McMillan. Being embarrassed of her circumstances, Shemetrius didn’t want to be judged and didn’t want social services to get involved.

With everything going on at home, Shemetrius was bound and determined not to let those issues affect her graduating. Mrs. McMillan was extremely helpful because of the knowledge that she gave to Shemetrius and she was an excellent mentor to help keep Shemetrius on track. Mrs. McMillan was the cheerleader in Shemetrius’s corner that she so desperately needed; she gave Shemetrius unconditional love and was there to help her understand just what she was able to accomplish.

Shemetrius also wanted to attend the prom, but couldn’t even imagine doing so with everything else going on. Mrs. McMillan set out to make sure Shemetrius could enjoy this high school milestone and helped connect her to resources that would help get her to prom so she could enjoy this highlight of high school. Shemetrius also participated in CISGG's Student Awards Luncheon where she was recognized as a graduating senior!

She helped Shemetrius to get prepared for college, explained student loans and grants, explained how to utilize available resources, and connected her to what she needed - integrated student supports. Shemetrius says Mrs. McMillan has done so much.

Despite everything that Shemetrius was going through, she managed to be the first person in her family to graduate high school. After she graduated, she applied to GTCC and got in. She is currently in process of completing the General Education portion of her degree, she is seeking a Social Work degree. She worked to obtain her license and bought herself a car to relieve her of commuting to work by public transportation. She really enjoys her new prom dress. She got her own apartment and has made it feel very much like home. She says that going to church has really supported her. She says that she has learned a very real lesson that being on your own makes you think for yourself.

Mrs. McMillan watched Shemetrius grow up in a great deal of adversity. She watched her overcome this adversity. She admires her tenacity. She has built a strong relationship with Shemetrius. Mrs. McMillan still keeps in regular touch with Shemetrius. She keeps encouraging Shemetrius - reminding her that she has the ability to keep achieving!

We are all very proud of Ms. Moore!

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