CIS Greater Greensboro

Kenny Smith

Good People

Kenny grew up with both his parents having disabilities. His parents had chronic illnesses. His mother was bi-polar and quit school in the sixth grade. His father was born with one kidney, was disabled and on dialysis for 23 years. Most of the people in Kenny’s life were alcoholics, drug addicts and overall just not good people. Kenny did not want to be lazy, he wanted to be a good person. Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro provided him with love and support and empowered Kenny to overcome adversity.

Kenny became a part of CISGG and was surrounded with a community of support. Kenny was molded into who he is today, in part, by being able to access CISGG resources. Kenny was a part of many CISGG classroom activities including: discussions, problem solving, self-esteem building, analyzing pros and cons, banking, teamwork, and leadership skills. Some other programs that Kenny became connected to through CISGG were Youth for Christ, Outward Bound, and Camp Agape. These activities and programs provided Kenny with many skills and attributes that he wasn’t receiving in his home life. Kenny also had mentors visit him once a week. Through mentoring, Kenny was able to see what his life could be like and how he could model the success of his mentors.

Today Kenny does the same thing for his colleagues as a manager at Domino’s Pizza. He has been a manager at Domino’s pizza for thirteen years and has been supporting himself since he was seventeen. He owns his own home and is married with two kids, Olivia and Alex. At Domino’s, Kenny provides the same support that he received from CISGG to his coworkers. He has trained several assistant managers that have gone on to become general managers and has helped his coworkers work through their own adversity.