Community Outreach Event!

On October 30, 2020, Mrs. Cheryl Donahue-Wright, on behalf of Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro and the Community Outreach Committee at Dudley, joined several Dudley staff members, including teachers, and community volunteers like alumni, and passed out 250 bags of candy to parents and students at one of the local residences at Ray Warren apartments.

This community outreach event idea was created as a part of the Community Outreach Committee’s initiative at Dudley where Mrs. Cheryl Donahue-Wright serves as a representative of Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro adding additional student support. This outreach event also extends to several Attendance Committee initiatives because of the nature of the outreach event.

During this event, 25 people (a combination of Community Outreach Members, some staff members, and members of the community) connected with parents and students at their residences by bringing curriculum and comfort bags filled with candy, masks, sanitizer, curriculum info, attendance information, and other information pertinent to student success during this time where students were still attending school virtually.

This outreach event was essential because it generated parent engagement during a time where it is extraordinarily difficult for students to stay dedicated to attending class due to school being online. This creates an even bigger issue for student success because adapting to virtual school is already a challenge and students not showing up is a big attendance issue.

The staff members, members of the community, and Dudley alumni split up and got a comfort and curriculum bag to every student’s house! The weather outside was nice, the staff got to spend time with one another, and it was a unifying moment for parents, teachers, and students! Mrs. Donahue-Wright, Student Site Coordinator at Dudley High School, and our representative for Community Outreach at Dudley, said “this was a really nice and neat opportunity, it was nice to bring teachers closer to the community.”

This was an important way to reinvigorate students especially during the time of them working from home due to covid. Mrs. Donahue-Wright says student attendance is super important and is even more important now that students are working remote. Many students aren’t logging on while in virtual school and many students can get behind this way. Many of our students still don’t have devices, and some students have devices but do not have access to the internet. If you or anyone you know can help with some of the needs of students during this time, do not hesitate to reach out to us or donate!

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