Staff Spotlight!

August 2021

Staff Spotlight, CISGG, Rashard Jones

Rashard Jones!

Teacher, preacher, coach, husband, father of eight, entrepreneur, artist…The list goes on and on. Offering a description of Rashard Jones, director, African- American Male Mentoring Initiative (AAMI) could go for pages! Since joining us in August of 2011 as the first project director of our brand new initiative (AAMI), Mr. Jones has built a remarkable reputation as the undisputed leader of the initiative we created with the phenomenal support of the United Way after a press conference on the painful performance of African-American and Hispanic males in Guilford County Schools. To the young men and families, he has been an island of sanity and inspiration, motivation, and a treasure trove of goods and services and experiences. In the process, he has earned the trust and admiration of business and industry, community based organizations, civic and community leaders, mentors, the United Way, the CIS Board of Directors and staff, and the executive director himself. It is almost impossible to imagine the AAMI without Mr. Jones and his band of boys. From that first year at Wiley to two graduating classes of boys who have been with us since the third grade, we salute Rashard Jones and hope that he keeps coming back!

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