Donor Spotlight!

July 2021

CISGG, Donor Spotlight, Dr. Anthony Chow

Anthony Chow!

I was once told that in order to be successful you must identify and emulate those who have achieved success. This reflects why I support Communities In Schools® CIS(™) and the work that they do. I had the privilege of talking to a number of young women and men in our Communities In Schools® CIS(™) program and they all said that they loved being part of CIS and that having an adult embedded in the schools to look out for them and hold them accountable led to their success and resulting graduation from high school. CIS works, the entire CIS model systematically identifies and addresses some of the core needs of our young people who are our future. The primary need identified from our community wide needs assessment? We need more of CIS, more counselors, more resources to serve more students who are in need. It is an honor to contribute to the continued success of CIS and its noble and unyielding support of our students. I urge everyone to consider donating smaller recurring amounts on a monthly basis above and beyond attending annual fundraisers. In this way, I never forget to support CIS and it happens automatically.

Donor update: Dr. Chow has recently accepted a position as the Director of the School of Information at San Jose State University but will remain a monthly donor from the West Coast.

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