Charnasia Webb

Charnasia Webb, student graduate, Dudley High School, CISGG participant

Recently, Summit Rotary selected Dudley and CIS student Charnasia Webb as one of two recipients of their February Student Improvement Award, presented monthly to two middle or high school students who have demonstrated significant improvement in academics, behavior and/or attendance despite obstacles that many of us could not imagine. The award also honors students who have overcome personal obstacles such as a personal tragedy, the divorce or loss of parents/guardians, pregnancy, a disability, or sickness, or speaking English as a second language. Charnasia Webb, student graduate, Dudley High School, CISGG participant

Summit Rotary works in partnership with Greensboro Parks and Recreation to ask for and review nominations and to select the winners. The nominator must have regular contact with the nominee with firsthand observations of the student’s improvement(s). Nominees must submit a write-up about why they think they should receive the award.

Charnasia has worked closely with one of our case managers at Dudley and have demonstrated tremendous improvement! Prior to entering Dudley, Charnasia experienced some trauma at another school. When she transferred to Dudley, she demonstrated apprehension about the school setting, was experiencing post-traumatic stress, and was slightly behind on her course credits towards graduation. She had also recently experienced the loss of a loved one. Since working with CIS, Charnasia’s determination to graduate on time regardless of the setbacks as shown by her resolve to get her course completion back on track. She has returned to her cohort class, and she will graduate on time barring any further distractions. During remote learning, she logged in consistently and actively, not letting remote learning impede her ability to stay on task! Her plans are to go to Guilford Technical Community College upon graduation and then to NCA&T. Her interest is in Fashion Design.

Members of the committee unanimously chose Charnasia as one of two students that they recognized for the month of February 2021. The students received a $100.00 gift card and a plaque.

Charnasia Webb, student graduate, Dudley High School, CISGG participant

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