ConvaTec partners with Communities In Schools of Greater Greensboro®

October 2019

ConvaTec, a world leader in the medical-technology industry housed here in Greensboro NC, is giving local students a rare and special opportunity to learn skills through a paid apprenticeship in medical technology while continuing their high school or college education. The apprentices can gain full-time employment with the company at the end of the two-year program.

convatec, apprenticeship, program participants
Student On-The-Job-Training at ConvaTec

The 30-hour per week program exposes students to industry and company regulations and clinical affairs, medical info, product info, etc. Some examples of the products that they are working with include injection systems, pumps for diabetics or people with certain types of illnesses, catheters, colostomy bags, etc.

The inspiration for the opportunity came to Robert Steele, the Executive Vice President, and Roger Arnell, Vice President of Human Resources ( and member of the CIS of Greater Greensboro® Board of Directors) when Steele expressed his appreciation for an apprenticeship program in engineering that he was part of when he was younger and living in London, England. Inspired by Mr. Steeleā€™s experience as well as his own, Mr. Arnell successfully launched the carefully crafted internship last year in partnership with Communities in Schools of Greater Greensboro® and Smith High School.

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